What’s so great about Twitter?



– Twitter is a global index to ‘now’what people are thinking ‘in real time’;

– Twitter permits social networks to meet around a virtual water cooler in real time;

– Twitter is a virtual online town-square where people meet and provide support digitally;

– in practical terms, Twitter is open-access, unfettered, free information flow;

– a wildly easy way to stay connected with online networks @ a single point of entry;

– efficient way to see ‘status updates’ of family and friends

– Twitter permits thinking ‘on the fly’; monitoring ideas & thoughts; breaking news;

– an important productivity tool; face-to-face meetings get up to speed much quicker

– Twitter is also a potentially powerful research and information dissemination tool;

– some Twitter feeds, once they ‘mature’, are mini-web conferences on the go

– News alerts and reporting events from on the scene as it happens, by the public, from different angles, different sides (as in #Mumbai Gunmen terror and the #Gaza war)

– A place to discover web, ideas and knowledge from other twitter users.

– A marketing tool to promote and market products, services etc.

– An alternative to RSS feeds, to get new additions to websites or blogs you follow. Many have their own twitter account you can follow, else there are other ways to import feeds too.


Please add in more words to describe the limitless uses of twitter.


~ by Dr.Zhivago on January 8, 2009.

One Response to “What’s so great about Twitter?”

  1. Hi Dr Zhivago,
    Enjoyed reading your article on how to focus the mind! It is something that I want so much to do but often myself flitting from thought to thought!

    About Twitter, I want so much to use it but don’t know how. Any information? Thank you and have a great day!

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