How Internet is altering the Brain

Our minds continuously adapts to different environments and culture it faces.
With the rise of people who spend most of their times doing work on the internet, it has given rise to a different environment their minds are occupied with, and thus this is evolving a totally new system of mind work and will affect a lot of people in their personal development – having both good as well as drawbacks.
reflect on this article from Reuters. Following are some key highlights of it in a Snap.

  • Neuroscientist arguing this is an evolutionary change which will put the tech-savvy at the top of the new social order.
  • Internet searching has made brains more adept at filtering information and making snap decisions.
  • Technology can accelerate learning and boost creativity
  • Yet the Drawback – dramatic rise in Attention Deficit Disorder diagnoses.
  • Those who excell in future – will have a mixture of technological + social skills.
  • technology has altered the way young minds develop, function and interpret information.
  • “The brain is very specialized in its circuitry and if you repeat mental tasks over and over it will strengthen certain neural circuits and ignore others,” ~ Gary Small.
  • “Evolution is an advancement from moment to moment and what we are seeing is technology affecting our evolution.”
  • Problems of multitasking, info scanning – neglecting human contact skills and losing the ability to read emotional expressions and body language, rapid scanning for new information may cause stress and disrupt neuronal circuits.

Gary Small has written his new book iBrain: Surviving the Technological Alteration of the Modern Mind

iBrain reveals a new evolution catalyzed by technological advancement and its future implications: Where do you fit in on the evolutionary chain? What are the professional, social, and political impacts of this new brain evolution? How must you adapt and at what price?

While high-tech immersion can accelerate learning and boost creativity, it also has its glitches, among them the meteoric rise in ADD diagnoses, increased social isolation, and Internet addiction. To compete and thrive in the age of brain evolution, and to avoid these potential drawbacks, we must adapt, and iBrain—with its Technology Toolkit—equips all of us with the tools and strategies needed to close the brain gap.

~ by Dr.Zhivago on October 28, 2008.

One Response to “How Internet is altering the Brain”

  1. “Those who excel in future, will have a mixture of technological + social skills.”

    I sure hope that is true!

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