People who deny existence of God

The existence of God has always been put to question by a lot of atheists.
They self proclaim to be all-knowing and just refuse to accept his existence.
Their judgment goes as such – ” God is not real, all of us have popped out by a chance,
a one in a zillion chance that occurred with the formation of organic living things under favorable circumstances.”

They profess only science, yet a lot of science itself alludes them, most of them are not even Science oriented, and those who are are too far behind in Science’s own rapid development and discoveries. Some way up in the line, intellectuals pioneering the work of discoveries, are still limited to their own fields of knowledge. No one has yet been all-knowing.
Yet many will have the audacity to Question existence of the Creator, just with pinch of knowledge they possess.
But what exactly is Science? We have been thaught of it from Newton’s early theories and laws to the modern discoveries.
Yet Pure Physics, Chemistry etc… they are all but observations after various experiments, and conclusions drawn.
For an instance, just take a an atom and its constituents. The nucleus, electrons, Protons..
Their arrangement in particular fashion and having properties of itself.


We only discovered existence of these properties and their relationships and putting them into our own ways of using them – Call it Technology with all our Gismoz and Gadgets.
These are but LAWS, All this nothing but nature, and it is following a particular law. Why does it not transgress beyond this and behave in an erratic fashion?
These are matter of nature, obeying a law.

Where did this law come from?
Who is governing the law?
Who created these laws?

Dazed as you may get pondering on many questions.
God is one who has set these in motion. He is omnipresent, of no form, of no figure or limitation. He is just there.
Perhaps its not in our mental capacity to define him explicitly just like we define a lot of things in nature.
It is unthinkable with our capacity, unimaginable. So those who vehemently deny his existence, are nothing but like those in olden times who did the same proving Earth is flat and died believing this false notion.
We know not much! What we know is still a tiny fraction of what actually is.
Pure science is still progressing, newer discoveries are being made. Nothing has just stopped at Newton’s three laws.
There is a million miles to explore ahead and no one at this moment is qualified to deny existence of God.

~ by Dr.Zhivago on January 14, 2008.

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