My Journey to Canada

After about a month of drooling an exhausting myself over medical books, It was a quick departure to Toronto the very next day after my exams ended. Obviously I was cramped in time, and had to rush through a lot of things. I left Melaka withing hours after I finished with my Surgery OSCE, the final paper that I had to sit for. Hitched a hike on a friend’s car, reached Home in KL by 8 pm. Had to buy a few stuff before heading home. At home no time to talk to my Mom and Dad about exams, it was all a tensed atmosphere packing bags, frisking through all closets repeatedly just to double check nothing was a miss while packing.

My Flight was next day morning from KLIA, 9.15 am.
I was flying Malaysian Airlines from KLIA to HongKong, then a connecting flight from HongKong to Toronto non-stop.
From KLIA to HK was a short flight about 3 and 1/2 hours and had a 2 hours stop over before I boarded Air Canada to Toronto. The MAS flight was very pleasant as always, no wonder it always ranks one of the best airlines of the world. The food was good, the in-flight entertainment system had a lot of options. I watched a Bollywood movie, “Chak De” starring Shahrukh Khan, it was a movie, evoked those feelings of Indian pride within me, that obviously is so rare for myself, because most of the times I am always comlaining about various ills within my country of birth. But I think lately I have learnt to be optimistic and look positively. With a negative sick mind you can turn any situation into a horrible hell to oneself. That is pretty true.

Arriving at Hongkong, Its a long long airport, somewhat Y shaped flat structure, with so much to walk from one point to another. It was a nice airport, yet nothing yet beats Malaysia’s KLIA from what I have seen so far.
I had a little hitch at the HK immigration when boarding for Air Canada, It had my friend, Ang Wen Jeat pissed really badly, he was angry for something like profiling, fortunately calm sense prevailed and he did not burst out some Cantonese abuses to the official, else we could have been a real fix there.
I think looking at our Age and that we were carrying a Tourist Visa but on something educational, had them confused, so they pulled us aside and asked us some questions, Basically why are we going there? What are we going to do there? they asked for my Student ID card in Malaysia, and he was scanning our passports with magnifying lens from his pocket, minutely examining its authenticity. It was all over in less than 5 minutes and they let us board the plane.

Air Canada, was bad. The journey was expectedly Long, and so boring. There was not much on the Entertainment system. The food was awful, I have never tasted food so bad ever. The Stewardess .. Phew.. come on, they were so Old! My friend remarked, they are like my Grand mamas. The service to was floppy and were not friendly and cheerful, not a smile on their face. I popped some zopiclone (sleep inducers) to help my self sleep peacefully, but I only managed 4-5 hours of sleep. But atleast it did keep me off from the Jet lag later.

We arrived Toronto 20 minutes before time. And Guess what, there was a snowstorm, we were excited because it was our first time ever in snow. The Toronto International Airport is not so big, but is well organized. The Immigration check-out was no problem. All they ask you is whether you are carrying Alcohol, Tobacco or any expensive goods. They take your word and let you proceed. It was quick. I was out in no time looking for my Uncle and family who were supposed to come pick me up. But I found no one, I was quizzed. Little while later I saw my Uncle arriving, we had some bracing moments and a kick of joy meeting each other after like more than 5 years. He happened to have got stuck in the traffic Jam because of the Snow storm, soon my family, my grandpa, cousin, aunty all arrived. I met one aunty after ages, she had only seen me as a kid back in 1996 when I was just 11 years old. We were all so glad to meet each other.

The travel back home took us more than an hour, traffic drifting so slowly in the thick snow fall.
But I didnt mind , I was just so excited, full of anticipation and was occupied just chatting and chatting with my two aunties. Wow! It was such an ecstatic feeling to meet Family, such loving members. The Snow outside – first time in my life added to the thrill, I was so eager to jump out into freezing cold and play a snow ball fight. It was really an experience feeling entering North America for the first time ever, but more than that, I was so pleased to meet my family, my grandparents, tears of Joy almost broke out. My grandmother as always did flow tears meeting me.
Indeed my grandparents are so beloved to me, I will try to make them as proud as I can!

~ by Dr.Zhivago on March 3, 2008.

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