Incubating Ideas


Very few studies have been done on Thinking.
Everyone of us have a brilliant brain, we just aren’t aware of its powerful capabilities.
If only each of us knew how it works and one could really manipulate all inputs in an effort to gain a desired output. Is it really possible? Lately atleast some interest has been genereated in the world thanks to the works of Edward De Bono. His books in particular have captivated my interests in psychology, seduced my curiosity for Human behavior and thinking. I wonder how many books have been written on teaching you how to “Generate new Ideas”. There is a plethora of books on Finance and bussiness, and even wierd but popular “how to woo a girl”. Thanks to a few great minds we do have books who teach us “How to Think” but they are still only a handfull.

Edward de bono, remarked in a newspaper article,
“No religion has talked about Thinking as much as Islam. There are 136 Hadiths relating to Thinking”
Indeed Islam has always stressed on Thinking, urged humans to explore deep into Thinking.
“A pen of a Scholar is mightier than a sword of a Martyr”
“An hour of study of God’s creation is better than 700 ignorant prayers”

Loss of new ideas, creativity and critical thinking leads to intellectual decay.
We often limit our capabilities, but all our limits are hypothetical, there exist no real limits.
Our minds potential and capabilities are prodigious. Those who have acheived great heights in excelling skills or introducing innovation have all expanded their thaugts far, allowed it to just flow.

Yes allowing your mind to flow, flow like a river, or perhaps metaphor it to something like an expanding universe from a big bang. The difference here, every peripheral terminal has potential for big bangs.
So a initial trigerring thaught or an idea gives us an ocean of options, every coral in that ocean has a potential for similar expansions. Generation of new ideas occur as you explore further and further this way exploding and expanding every thaught. It is important to insulate this trend or a series of reactions you just create from interferences. There are several other useless thaughts, distractions that can hamper this flow of thaught. These interferences range from many and are varied. Hunger, Sex, Anxiety, and our own mental limits. So it is important to be with the flow, or rather lay man term of Focus.

This process of thinking is like Incubation, and i would fondly like to compare it like that.
You wait untill you get an idea which has generated a new thaught for amazement.
You pick this new thaught, explode it further in all possibilities and contemplate all results.
These results will send a feedback, if all turns in a favour of positivity, you are enthrilled.
You have just discovered an idea, it maybe something for yourself, or just anything, and its up to you to respectively share or put it to your life.

Our minds think organically, like that of a branching tree or the texture of a leaf.
It does not understand lists, menus, tables. A way of incubation of ideas even if it failed to generate the appropriate reults never goes to waste. In the attempt of probing for a thaught, you have created a traces and explored millions of other areas which you might revisit back sometime later with respect to some other thaught.

organic thinking

You wanted to build an airplane, you failed because it could not hold up in air for long.
But in the attempt you have actually opened up millions of avenues, and you may revisit them back later for something else. Say years later you are on something else, Electric generator or a speed boat.
You will come back to your nonfunctional model of the plane, pick out things you would want from it to build a speed boat. So eventually, all your work you did on an Airplane, was not in vain.


~ by Dr.Zhivago on December 23, 2007.

One Response to “Incubating Ideas”

  1. I was reading about medical myths the other day. One popular myth that started around 1900 was that we only use 10% of our brain. Thanks to catscan and a better understanding of the brain, we now know that we use all of our brain.

    We also don’t use every part of our brain all the time. If we did, we would be speaking constantly every part of our body would be in motion. That’s because different parts of the brain control different things. We aren’t going to use our speech center for short term memory.

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